Effects of Flunixin Meglumine and Oxytetracycline Therapy

Alone and in Combination, in Calves with Experimentally Induced Pneumonic Pasteurellosis.Selman IE, Allan EV, Dalgleish RG, et al: Proceedings 14th World Congress on Diseases of Cattle 1:606-610, 1986.


Clinically healthy 10- to 12-week-old dairy calves free of detectable numbers of Pasteurella.

Calves intranasally and intratracheally challenged with Pasteurella haemolytica.

Calves randomly housed in self-contained hutches then assigned to one of four treatment groups:


Treated with only Banamine, 2.2 mg/kg once daily for 3 days

Treated with only an antibiotic (oxytetracycline)

Treated with antibiotic (oxytetracycline) plus Banamine

Results - Antibiotic Plus Banamine

Faster, steeper reduction in mean rectal temperatures.

Significantly fewer fevers.

Highest feed intake, with steady increase in consumption.

Non-apparent gross consolidation from fibrinous pneumonia.

Calves more easily cleared the challenge organism from lower respiratory tract, as indicated by examination of the P. haemolytica isolates.