Clinical Efficacy Compared to Other NSAID's

A study was conducted comparing the clinical efficacy of 3 NSAID's used in conjunction with ceftiofur for treatment of bovine respiratory disease. Sixty-six (66) mixed breed beef calves weighing approximately 400 lbs and meeting the criteria of acute BRD (fever, dyspnoea, and moderate clinical illness index score) were randomly divided into 4 treatment groups. All groups received ceftiofur at 0.5 mg/lb daily for 3 days. In addition, three groups received a single dose of either flunixin meglumine (2.2 mg/kg IV), ketoprofen (3 mg/kg) IV or carprofen (1.4 mg/kg) SC. All animals were monitored throughout the trial and for 1 to 2 days post-treatment for clinical signs, fever, mortality and adverse reactions. At the termination of the study, all animals were sacrificed and the lung lesions were described and scored for percent consolidation.

Results showed that treatment with any of the three NSAID's reduced fever statistically significantly more rapidly than the antibiotic alone. All groups showed improvement in clinical illness scores and dyspnoea throughout the study. There were no statistical differences between any of the treatment groups.

Mean Rectal Temperature (°C)

Time Ceftiofur Ceftiofur +
Ceftiofur +
Ceftiofur +
0 40.5 40.5 40.6 40.5
2 40.3 39.7* 39.1** 39.1**
4 39.7 39.3* 38.8** 38.9**
6 39.5 39.1* 38.9* 38.9*
12 39.1 38.9* 38.6* 38.6*
24 38.8 38.5* 38.5* 38.5*
48 38.7 38.7 38.7 38.7
72 38.8 38.6 38.7 38.9

* Statistically significantly different from ceftiofur, p<0.05
** Statistically significantly different from c+ceftiofur, p<0.05

At the termination of the trial, all animals were humanely sacrificed and the lung lesions scored. The one animal that died during the trial was similarly scored. The use of flunixin meglumine in combination with ceftiofur resulted in a statistically significant (p+0.0033) reduction of lung consolidation, which was not attained with either carprofen or ketoprofen.

Median Percent Lung Consolidation

Treatment Median % Number Animals
Ceftiofur 15.3 17
Ceftiofur +
5.5 16
Ceftiofur +
6.3 16
Ceftiofur +
1.7* 17

*Statistically significantly different from ceftiofur, p‹0.05

These clinical studies demonstrated the anti-inflammatory and antipyrectic activity of flunixin meglumine in cattle with bovine respiratory disease.




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