Acute Toxicity

Calves (2 male and 2 female) were administered four intravenous injections of flunixin meglumine in sequential doses of 6.6, 13.2, 26.4 and 52.8 mg/kg (25 times the recommended dose) every other day on a rising dose basis. Results were:

  • Seizures — were observed in one calf at 26.4 mg/kg and all four calves at 52.8 mg/kg.
  • Mortality — one calf died following the 52.8 mg/kg dose.
  • Urinalysis — hematuria and proteinuria were noted after all doses.
  • Fecal blood — frank and/or occult blood was observed after the 13.2, 26.4 and 52.8 mg/kg doses.
  • Hematology/Serum Chemistry — slightly increased platelet numbers were observed.
  • Gross and Histopathology — no treatment related changes; only nonspecific congestion or hemorrhages were noted in multiple organs of the one animal that died (52.8 mg/kg dose).

In conclusion, flunixin-related changes included blood in the urine and feces following the 26.4 and 52.8 mg/kg doses and seizures and one mortality after the 52.8 mg/kg dose. In the three remaining animals, all parameters returned to normal during the 14-day post-dose observation period except for one animal positive for fecal occult blood and another positive for urine blood at 14 days.


Residue Prevention Education